Saturday, December 25, 2010
Cable Installations
Last two year ago, when we entered to our new office, I little bit shocking when we find out that all cable installations still not work properly, even though they already prepare everything for half a year, but still mess every where. My boss thought we just a small company, so don't need a professional to did it. Then we have waiting at least 2 weeks till work. Lately my Boss realized that we really need structured cabling contractor to help us.

Someday, my Boss asked me about electricity costs, what the problems with the cost? why it's so high? can we reduce the costs? so many question rises. I just don't understand how to control it, although everything has been normal use. when I make comparisons with previous company where I worked before, the difference is quite significant. Though in my last company higher used. then where is the problem? until one day I was reminded by my husband, if we buy electronic items,he always concern with Electrical low voltage. To support a company so that a company can run well, it is essential electrical contractor help.

Mason Technologies is Structured Cabling Contractor which can realize a modern company with the best telecommunications capability, because they have the best fiber optic installations teams. As a company that established since 2002, Mason turned out to be a company that was always known as a leader in the low voltage voice and data cabling industry.

If the cable problem was handled by a professional, then problems such as short-circuits, the problem of high electricity costs, even telecommunications would not be a problem in the future. Hopefully, housing developers are also cares for a problem like this cable, so private house can have the best cable installations too. I wish!
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